Daniel Butbul

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Hi! I'm Daniel, a real estate, IT, and marketing expert cowboy from Dallas, TX. I love the feeling I get from helping make people's lives easier with technology. Currently, I work as the CEO at Ambiance Realty, a Dallas-based real estate brokerage.



I've been coding in HTML and CSS as long as I can remember.


I'm pretty good at getting Javascript to do what I want it to do.


I can do some pretty interesting stuff with PHP.


I use Photoshop for almost anything I do related to design: photo manipulation, web design, and print design.

Marketing Strategies

Ambiance Realty doubled its agents in a year in one of our more successful marketing campaigns.

Digital Signage

I have created various digital signage displays for office environments.


Ambiance Realty

As Director of Technology and Marketing of this company, I put a lot into making sure everything ran smoothly and that the company was ahead of the technology curve in the North Texas real estate market. Our efforts made Ambiance one of Dallas's most efficient and savvy brokerages in the metroplex.

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This website enabled Southwest NCSY to accept online payments for its apparel in a professional manner and cover its sweater costs for an international convention.



In lieu of printing about 72,000 pages, this mobile app provided event-goers an easy, social way to access the event's 200-page program over the course of two years. The password-protected website featured photos from previous events and a twitter feed where people could tweet to the event's hashtag and be featured. I built the framework using jQuery Mobile.


Shanta Bana

I developed a rapid placeholder site for this company. I currently manage its VPS-based web hosting, digital signage, and computer network.

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Let's Talk!

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Daniel makes the tech side of things user friendly and is always available to support you.

LaVerne Hernandez

REALTOR®, Ambiance Realty

Ambiance Realty set up my website, email address and the Backagent account without much hassles, all thanks to Daniel.

Endy Echefu

REALTOR®, Ambiance Realty